The ALMAR dosimeter is a small, light and easy to use dosimeter based on innovative silicon technology. This breakthrough technology provides workers a precise measurement of radiation dose and includes accurate long-term exposure tracking even when the dosimeter is closed. A built-in memory chip stores each user’s identity via an embedded unique serial code that is assigned to the user.

Based on the ALARA principal (As Low as Reasonably Achievable), ALMAR helps medical staff and physicians evaluate and take action to more effectively use radiation reduction solutions.

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Cost $ $$$ $
Measurements X-rays, Photons, Neutrons Beta X-rays, Photons X-rays, Photons
Readout Accumulated & Dose Rate Accumulated & Dose Rate Accumulated (Lab Processing)
Re-calibration not required
Wearer Engagement
Online management Portal
Immediate Online Badge Reassignment
No Collection/ Redistribution Required Must be collected to meet legal dose of record requirements
Read/view data on Smartphone/iPad
Meets Legal Dose of Record Requirements Highly manual process for meeting accreditation